LightBox stone wall lamp
May 15

5 Benefits of Using Versetta Stone on Your Home

Stone siding is an easy way to make your home look more elegant, but Versetta stone is a type of stone veneer that doesn’t require all the mess and expense that comes from using more traditional ways of installing stone. Read More

annual roof maintenance
April 17

Does Your Roof Need Annual Maintenance?

Every roof needs to be inspected at least once a year for it to perform properly, because it will prevent premature failure and expensive leaks. Read More

types of roofing
February 15

What is the best type of roof?

The best type of roof is usually the one you like. Because there are so many options, any type of roof you like can be… View Article Read More

bad contractor
December 16

Should You Choose the Cheapest Contractor?

Not all roofs are created equal, and the same is true for roofers. There are a lot of things that go into building a quality roof, and each one has a cost associated with it. Read More

installing shingles
November 16

How to Hire a Roofing Contractor

Many states (but not all) require contractors to be licensed and bonded. So, be sure to check with you local building department or consumer protection agency for more information about the licensing requirements in your area. Read More

metal roof green
October 18

Should You Get a Metal Roof?

Whether you’re building a new home or putting a new roof on an existing property, the materials you choose will have an impact on how… View Article Read More

Leaky roof in Corpus Christi, TX
July 15

6 Ways to Take Care of a Leaking Roof

The roof is the most important part of your home. It protects you from the elements, and it’s also the first thing that people see… View Article Read More

Metal Roofing in Corpus Christi, TX
May 18

5 Factors that Influence the Standard Gauge of Metal Roofing to Use

Metal roofing can be an ideal choice to put on your building’s rooftop. However, you might be unsure of what gauge is considered to be… View Article Read More

Flat Roof Covering Repair
December 14

5 Considerations While Performing a Roof Replacement on Your Commercial Property

Being a business owner is challenging, and it’s almost impossible to avoid critical situations. You have to make hard choices on a daily basis, and… View Article Read More

commercial flat roof
May 7

How to Find the Right Flat Roofing System for Your Commercial Property

The primary purpose of every roofing system is to maintain the integrity of your building by keeping everything dry. Flat roofing systems have a simple… View Article Read More