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Bayfront Roofing and Construction is a locally owned and operated company. Scott Ricks, the owner, grew up here in Aransas Pass. He and his family live here today. His children attend the same grade school he attended nearly 40 years ago. Bayfront Roofing and Constructions roots run deep, and we are here to stay. You can rest assured that we will not be a here today and gone tomorrow operation and when you call we will answer.

Roofing is our cornerstone service and we insist on doing it right.  We at Bayfront Roofing and Construction work closely with highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers. These engineers help guide us through all structural or Windstorm engineering issue that may arise. We encourage these engineers to inspect every stage of the construction process to ensure our customers receive the very best product and the best practice techniques are utilized in every individual situation. We strive to ensure that we not only satisfy standards, but we also exceed them. So rather we are building a new home or reroofing an old one, it will be the very best job possible.

We at Bayfront Roofing and Construction do not believe in installing the minimal required roofing system. We provide a superior product. We exceed Windstorm and building code requirements.  We install industry leading products to ensure your roof will outlive any competitors’ roofs.

We at Bayfront Roofing and Construction are also full-service contractors. Are your looking for a company that can remedy all your repair needs? Are you tired of calling and trying to schedule several different companies to get your needed repairs done? We are your “One Stop Shop”. Let Bayfront Roofing and Construction make your life easy. There is no aspect of the remodeling process we cannot solve.

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