Flat Roof - Bayfront Roofing and ConstructionIf you’ve seen a white-colored flat roof, then you’re probably familiar with TPO. It’s one of the most common roofing materials being used on commercial buildings because it can provide a huge amount of energy savings with only a single ply. TPO roofing is made of rubber sheets that are layered with other synthetic materials, which can be ballasted, fastened, or adhered together. And when it’s combined with the right insulation, it can create a strong layer of protection for any commercial facility.

    TPO is one of the most widely-recognized commercial roofing solutions. It’s one of two single-ply membrane systems on the market, and they can be manufactured in three different widths (10 feet, 12 feet, and 20 feet). It has been installed on many commercial buildings over the years, and it’s the fastest-growing roofing solution for this type of market. A TPO roofing system has the ability to reflect ultraviolet radiation, which is why it has gained widespread industry acceptance.

    The Advantages of TPO Roofing

    If it’s installed right and properly maintained, TPO roofing can last for up to 30 years. But it also has some other advantages. Some of them include:

    • More choices in terms of insulation — Because TPO doesn’t come with insulation, you have more options. It will allow you to design a roof that’s more suitable for your building’s needs.
    • More resistance to fire and chemicals — A TPO roofing membrane has a Class A fire rating, so it’s very resistant to flames and chemicals. This is made possible by the fire-retardant chemicals that are used during the manufacturing process.
    • It has strong reflective properties — Because of its white color, TPO roofing has strong reflective properties. It can protect your building from ultraviolet radiation more than other types of roofing, which can save you money during the summer months.
    • More options in terms of installation — TPO can give you more options in terms of how it can be installed. You can attach it to the building with adhesives, or you can fasten it to the roof deck. You can even weld it in place around chimneys and other objects that stick out of the roof.

    TPO is one of the most cost-effective roofing options because it’s one of the cheapest materials on the market. It costs less than EPDM or other types of rubber roofing, and it’s more resistant to the growth of algae or mildew (which can eliminate the need for pressure washing). Be sure to speak to a roofing professional for more information.

    Experts in Commericial Roofing Solutions for the Coastal Bend!

    TPO roofing could be the best solution for any commercial space, especially if you run a business in Coastal Bend. As summer approaches, you want to save as much as you can on cooling costs. And when it comes to commercial roofers in Corpus Christi, Bayfront Roofing and Construction has a team of experts who can get the job done right. We have years of combined experience in all areas of roofing, which is why we’re your best choice for anyone who does business in the Coastal Bend.

    If you want more information about how we can help you with your next roofing project, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to speak with you!

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