Skylights are a great way to make your home feel brighter. It can also reduce your energy costs by bringing in more natural light into a room. They are roof openings that are covered with transparent or translucent glass or plastic, and their purpose is to bring in more natural light. This can not only improve your home’s energy efficiency but can also satisfy the basic need to feel connected to the outside world.

Some skylights can let in more fresh air, which can be achieved by opening them. Doing this will let out the hot air that can build up near the ceiling, which often contributes to the overheating of a property. Most skylights that act as vents open on the bottom. Others will have a small, hinged panel that allows air to escape. In this day and age, skylights can serve many different purposes (which can be for more than just energy efficiency). They can also give you a soothing view of the night sky while you fall asleep. They can even give you a nice place to relax in the bathroom.

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Types of Skylights

The most common types of skylights are ventilating (which are also called “roof windows”), fixed, and tubular. They can be found in a variety of shapes — from flat and arched to spherical and pyramidal. Tubular skylights have several advantages, which include the following:

  • It can save money on your electric bill while adding more natural light to your home.
  • The light from the sun doesn’t add heat or shine directly down.
  • Neither fabric nor wood will fade.
  • It requires very little upkeep or repairs.

Traditional skylights are more expensive to install, but they don’t require as many construction adjustments and are cheaper overall. You might even be able to get a federal tax credit, which can reduce your installation costs.

Other advantages of traditional skylights include the following:

  • Neither heat nor cold is wasted.
  • Their design prevents leaks and breaks.
  • Lighting in media rooms can be dimmed with dimmer switches.
  • No long-term buildup of moisture or condensation.

These skylights can be useful in getting your home sold more quickly, so it’s a popular improvement among real estate agents.

Parts of a Skylight Installation

Modern skylights work in the same way as roof windows, but they have flashing to protect against water infiltration. They also have extra channels that are meant to drain condensation, which makes them more convenient. When a skylight develops a leak, it could be coming from either the frame or the glazing.

Long-term leaks in the panes are common in fixed skylights, but they’re not as common in ventilated skylights. Problems with vented skylights are easier to find, so they can be taken care of before they become major issues. The flashing between the roof and panels is another common weak spot for fixed skylights, because they’re often installed in places that aren’t very accessible.

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Reasons to Have a Skylight Installed

Skylights are a great way to bring in more natural light into your living space, which can create a more relaxing environment. It will also reduce the amount of artificial light you need to use in a room during the day, which can lower your energy costs. A skylight installation can help with your home’s ventilation by letting warm air out and keeping cool air in, which can be beneficial during those hot South Texas summers. If you have an attic, a skylight can help with the light and ventilation. So, it won’t feel as stuffy.

When a Skylight Needs to be Repaired

Skylights can last up to 15 years, but they will need to be repaired at some point during that time. There are some things to look out for that may be signs that something needs to be repaired. If you see condensation on or around your skylight installation, the sealant could be damaged. Discoloration is a sign that you have a leak. So if you notice them, you can be sure there’s damage. Cracks are also a sign that a skylight needs to be repaired. It’s a good idea to have your skylight and roof inspected after a hailstorm or any significant weather event, so you can make sure there’s no damage that needs to be repaired.

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