A quality roof that has been well installed will not only keep your home protected for many years but will also go a long way toward improving its curb appeal. Once you have scheduled your roof installation, you will have to wait for the time to come. But, there are some things you can do to make the process go more smoothly. You will also need to make some decisions ahead of time, so you can avoid any headaches or delays.

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Here are some of the common questions people ask about roof installation.

Can I stay in my home while the roof is being installed?

The roof installation process can be loud and disruptive, whether it’s inside or outside. That’s why you need to decide if you want to stay home while the work is being done. If you work from home and have meetings, you may want to find somewhere else to go during that time. But it’s up to you if you want to stay or leave. Your roofing contractor won’t have any problem with you staying home, but you need to be aware of all the moving pieces. Know where it’s safe to walk, stay out of the installers’ way, and have an exit strategy in case you decide to leave.

What should I do if I have any pets?

Just like deciding whether you can handle the noise, you also need to think about how your pets will react. If they’re scared of storms or fireworks, they certainly won’t like all the banging that comes with a roof installation. It might be a good idea to find another place for your pets to stay on the day your roof is being installed. Be sure to make this decision a few days in advance, because having a plan in place will avoid any unnecessary stress.

Do I need to cover my attic before the roof is installed?

Attics can get a large amount of debris, sawdust, and wood splinters while a new roof is being installed (which will create a big mess). So, you need to decide if you want to cover your attic. If you do, the installers will make a plastic tent that they can attach to the ceiling (which will shield any falling debris). They may also lay tarping or plastic over everything inside.

Once the installation has been completed, they will roll the plastic or tarp so they can throw it away. Be sure to talk to your roofing contractor before the project gets started, because the debris will fall as soon as the installers start tearing down your old roof.

Do I need to take down anything valuable or important before they start installing my roof?

As the roof is being installed, vibrations can move throughout your home (especially if installers are using the hand-nailing method). It’s a good idea to take any valuable, important, or irreplaceable items off the walls or shelves until the installation has been completed. It doesn’t mean the vibrations are guaranteed to knock something down, but it’s better to play it safe (especially if the roofing contractor has a clause that doesn’t make them liable for any property damage while the roof is being installed).

Do I need to move any vehicles out of the driveway before the roof installation?

On the day of your roof installation, a dump trailer and any vehicles being used by your roofing contractor will be in your driveway. So, you will need to move any vehicles the night before. That way, you won’t get blocked in if you decide to leave while the roof is being installed. If you do get blocked in, the entire installation process will need to stop. Everything will have to be cleared out so you can get through. It may not seem like a big deal, but it can delay the project and add more time before completion.

Do I need to have any outside power sources for the roof installation to be completed?

Most roofing contractors work with generators, but they will still need access to an outside power source. If anything goes wrong, they must be able to access another outlet. That’s why roofing contractors will often ask if you have an outside power source while they inspect your roof. While they will test it to make sure it’s still putting out power, you need to make sure it’s working before the day of the installation.

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