Guarantee and Warranty

Bayfront Roofing and Construction guarantees to stand behind its work and uphold the promise we have made to extend only the best service and quality we possibly can.

This form you are filling out is to register your new Bayfront Roofing and Construction roof for its lifetime warranty. Bayfront Roofing and Construction guarantees the roof installation will be free of defects in craftsmanship (work performed by Bayfront Roofing and Construction) for the lifetime of the roof. The time begins the day of completion of your new Bayfront Roofing and Construction roof installation and after all, invoices are paid in full. This time will extend the life of your roof while owned by the original purchaser of the roof. This warranty is transferable one time with written documentation through Bayfront Roofing and Construction. If the warranty is transferred “lifetime“ is defined as 50 years from the date of completion. Should a failure occur due to defects in workmanship the problem will be corrected by Bayfront Roofing and Construction at no cost to the customer, including material and labor. This includes shingles, nails, underlayment, decking, and flashing. Warranty repairs to be made only by Bayfront Roofing and Construction, no third-party will be paid by Bayfront Roofing and Construction under any condition unless otherwise authorized by Bayfront Roofing and Construction in writing before work performed.

To Qualify the Homeowner Must:

  • Pay in full all outstanding invoices.
  • Purchase a qualifying roof system.
  • Purchase an annual service agreement within two years of installation and keep up to date.
  • Notify Bayfront Roofing and Construction within 72 hours of any discovered damage or defects


  • The roof system you purchase has been enrolled in an upgraded warranty through Owens Corning. Any manufactured defects will be covered through Owens Corning.
  • Issues or problems to the roof caused by problems or defects not caused by workmanship defects that include but are not limited to damages from the following:
    • Normal wear and tear, (as defined by Owens Corning) fire, wind damage (speeds that exceed Owens Corning warranty) ice, hail, flood, earthquake, or other “acts of God” That requires an insurance claim.
    • Foreign objects, work performed by person or contractors of a company other than Bayfront Roofing and Construction.
    • Foundation or structural issues.
  • If the roof becomes damaged by a reportable occurrence, an insurance claim must be filed, and or repairs must be made by Bayfront Roofing and Construction immediately, or else the warranty becomes null and void. Bayfront Roofing and Construction guarantees to be the last roof company you will ever need. If you ever have any questions or concerns just give us a call and we will be right over to take care of you.