The elements can take a toll on even the best roofs, and the day may come when you will have to install a new one. Roofs can last 20-50 years, but some designs can last longer (depending on the material and how well it’s maintained). They will, however, experience a great deal of wear and tear throughout the course of their lives. Everything from high winds and flying tree branches to leaf buildup can wreak havoc on your roof, and all of them can lead to broken shingles, warping, leaking, and even mold growth.

Roofs are there to keep you and your family safe, but only if they’re in good condition. Otherwise, they can cause costly damage. In extreme cases, it can lead to a collapse. The integrity of your roof can affect the health of your entire home. So when you install a new one, you’ll spare yourself from major problems (such as flooding and structural damage). The roof installation process is complicated, which is why you should choose your contractor with care. But you also need to know what’s involved.