Gutter cleaning is an important part of regular home maintenance because it will extend the lifespan of your roof, windows, and siding. A clean gutter system will control the flow of rainwater away from your roof by moving it through a channel and downspout that will direct it away from your home and its foundation. If rainwater doesn’t flow properly because your home’s gutters are clogged or broken, it will stay in the gutter system until it overflows onto your roof.

Why Regular Gutter Cleaning is Imporatnt

Performing regular gutter maintenance will help your home in the following ways:

  • Prevents water damage — When your gutters and downspouts are blocked by leaves and debris, rainwater may not drain correctly. As water overflows from your gutters, it can cause water damage in both the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Protects your roof — Clogged gutters won’t give rainwater a place to go. As rainwater continues to flood, a rotten or leaking roof won’t be too far behind.
  • Keeps pests away from your home — Gutters that are full of leaves can make homes more desirable for rodents, birds, and insects. This can lead to an infestation, which is the last thing you want in your home.
  • Reduces your risk of a cracked foundation — When water is kept from flowing away from your home, it can pool around the foundation. This water can cause cracks as it expands and freezes during the winter months.
  • Saves you money — Regular gutter maintenance will prevent any unexpected and expensive projects later on. Taking these kinds of preventative measures will minimize your chance of having to repair or replace your roof.

While there’s no simple answer for how often you should clean your gutters, clearing them out every fall and spring can reduce your risk of a potential headache. The purpose of your gutter system is to redirect the flow of rainwater away from your roof and foundation. If they’re clogged with debris or leaves, they can’t do their job. Water will end up running over the top, which will pool against your home. This can lead to water collecting under your foundation, which can cause problems. Clogged gutters that are full of water can also put additional strain on your roofline and fascia.

What is Involved in Gutter Maintenance

Like many parts of home maintenance, your gutters need to be inspected on a regular basis. You want to look for any problem areas (such as cracks and clogs) that could be a sign that you need to get them repaired or replaced. Regular cleaning is also a part of gutter maintenance. Leaves, pine needles, roof debris, and other materials can build up inside your gutters. This can block the flow of water coming down the spouts. When this happens, your gutters can overflow. This will leave water on your soffits and fascia, where it can cause rot and other kinds of damage.

How to Clean Your Gutters

Many homeowners choose to do their own gutter cleaning, but you can also hire a professional to do it for you. The process is fairly straightforward if you have the right equipment, which should include a ladder that can get you safely to the height you need for gutter cleaning. Pay attention to any areas that seem to have the most buildup. Gutters will often have their own personal trouble spots, which can include a section running into the path of a tree that sheds leaves every time the wind blows.

You’ll eventually start to see a pattern, so you should take note of any problem areas. You also want to make sure you don’t lean on your gutters or use them for balance because they could come loose (which may cause you to fall). Start at the end of your gutters that is closest to the drain spout, and move along their lengths (while removing debris as you go along). Many people choose to do this by hand. But if you have a wet/dry vac that can reach up there, you can use it to suck debris out of your gutters.

As you do your gutter cleaning, look for any areas where there has been standing water for any period of time, because they can be prone to any damage that the water may have caused. Carefully look at these areas for signs of rust, small cracks, or holes that could be a sign they need to be replaced.

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