Trust Bayfront Roofing and Construction to install your new roof in Port Aransas, TX. Your roof keeps your family and belongings safe against harsh weather and temperatures. Roofs often need to be replaced once your shingles have worn down and can no longer keep out pests and moisture. Our team understands how important your roof is to your safety. Count on us for premium roof replacement services that protect your indoor comfort.

The price to install a new roof on an average-sized home (approx. 1,800 sq. ft) ranges from $4,500 to over $12,00 dependent on several factors and choices.

Factors that can drive the cost of a new roof include:

  • Height: Is the roof 2 or more stories tall?
  • Pitch: Do you have a steep roof?
  • Complexity: Are there multiple gables or a unique design?
  • Damage: Do you have rot, structural damage or need extensive carpentry?

Providing you with a new roof is our specialty. We care for the entire process. From financing to our Lifetime Warranty, Bayfront Roofing and Construction is the top choice for installing a new roof in Port Aransas!

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